Clean Robux

Third-party robux is either of two qualities, dirty robux or clean robux. Most third-party robux sellers distribute robux that is dirty, meaning that is obtained through both in-game and out of game scamming/phishing/keylogging/illegal operations.

Clean robux is robux that is earned through various services on the ROBLOX platform, such as providing developer services to other users in exchange for robux payments.

Saberhagen Supplies only sells clean robux that is generated through our catalog tech sales, our catalog is classified as an unaffiliated developer service. Unlike most other third-party resell websites which sell robux from multiple vendors and users, Saberhagen Supplies does not host/sell/distribute robux from any other third-parties. Basically, this means that all of our robux that we sell is earned in-house.

Saberhagen Supplies is committed to creating a platform where you have access to only the highest quality of goods and services.